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Ces blogs sont affiliés au "Artist Way Quilters Webring", un anneau de sites. These blogs belongs to the "Artist Way Quilters Webring" :


  • Pat's Personal Space (En) : blog de Pat (Arizona, USA). Pat's blog, from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The Jettstream (En) : blog de Jane Ann (Tennessee, USA), elle quilte depuis 3 ans, depuis la naissance de sa petite-fille. Jane Ann's blog (Nashville), "I have two wonderful daughters, one a recent new lawyer and the other the mother of my first and only grandchild. This little girl's arrival three years ago rocked my world and I veered into a whole new creative direction. A self-taught sewer for 30-odd off-and-on years, I dipped into heirloom sewing for this fine girl, then noticed quilting looked fun too. I've been an addict ever since."
  • Debra Spincic Design Studio (En) : blog de Debra (Texas, USA), quilteuse à temps plein. Debra's blog (Montgomery, Texas), "Hostess for Quilt Studio forum (delphi), full-time quilter".
  • Jules's Notes (En) : blog de Jules (USA). Jules's blog (Georgia).
  • Gemia's Random Meanderings (En) : blog de Gemia (Sydney, Australie), le quilting a pris une place importante dans sa vie, et elle souhaiterait que cela devienne de l'art textile. Gemia's blog (Sydney, Australia), "That little hobby [quilting] now consumes nearly every waking moment, and has expanded to something I'd like to someday be able to call textile art."
  • Rian's Pages (En) : blog de Rian (Californie, USA), une artiste textile qui se propose de partager sa vision de l'art. Rian's blog (California), "Join me as I explore the creative side of life. I'll share my discoveries with you as I go. It's as much about the creative process as it is about the finished product."
  • Olenka's Song (En) : blog d'Olenka (Connecticut, USA), elle cherche à combiner avec le quilting toutes les autres activités artistiques qu'elle pratique : poterie, peinture, mosaïque, photo, couture, tricot, etc. Olenka's blog (Connecticut), "My public artwork has been in clay, multi-media paintings & glass mosaic but photography, sewing, needlepoint, knitting & quilting have woven in and out of my life since childhood. Exploring art-quilts now, trusting the various art forms will mix in wonderful ways."


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