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Bag Boutique_Barickman
Cushions and Covers_Moore

Broderie / Embroidery

E_Celebrate Seasons Ribbon Embroidery Mach_Duncan
E_Creative Machine Embroidery_Harker
E_Exploring Cross Stitch_Ormrod
E_French Knot Pictures_Harris
E_Hand Embroidered Scenes_Newhouse
E_Metallic Thread Embroidery_Friedman Kreinik
E_New Designs in Raised Embroidery_Hirst
E_Original Designs for Silk Ribbon Embroidery_Bradford
E_Points de croix autour du Monde
E_Raised Embroidery_Hirst
E_Teach Yourself Machine Embroidery_Rock
E_The Complete Book of Machine Embroidery_Fanning
E_Thread Painting_Hubbard

Peinture sur tissu / Fabric painting

P_Learn Fabric Painting_Ball
P_Off-the-Shelf Fabric Painting_Beevers
P_Skydyes Visual Guide to Fabric Painting_Lawler

Patchwork / Quilt

Q_101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts_Hopkins
Q_21 Terrific Patchwork Bags_Briscoe
Q_24-Hour Quilts_Weiss
Q_336 Ten Minute Quilt Blocks_Schmidt
Q_40 Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks_Doak
Q_50 Country Quilting Projects_Echols
Q_50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars_Doak
Q_500 Full Size Patchwork Patterns_Malone
Q_501 Quilt Blocks_Chiles
Q_5500 Quilt Block Designs_Malone
Q_A Bridge to Landscape Quilts_Hackett
Q_A Fine Line_Crust
Q_A Forest of Quilts_Kralik
Q_A Garden of Quilts_Johnson
Q_A Laurel Burch Christmas_Burch
Q_A Quilter's Ark_Rolfe
Q_A Quilter's Christmas_Michell
Q_A Quilter's Guide Creative Id Color Fabric_McKelvey
Q_A Treasury of Scrap Quilts_Martin
Q_All About Quilting from A to Z
Q_All Quilt Blocks not Square_Wagner
Q_America's Best Quilting Projects
Q_American Beauties Rose Tulip Quilts
Q_American Quilts Quilting & Patchwork_Hechtlinger
Q_Amish Quilting Patterns_Marston
Q_An Amish Adventure_Horton
Q_Antique Quilting Designs_Benvin
Q_Any Body Can Learn to Quilt_Browning
Q_Applique Applique Applique_Sinema
Q_Applique Inside the Lines_Armstrong
Q_Appliqué Made Easy
Q_Applique the Ann Boyce Way
Q_Applique with Style_Mulari
Q_Artful Appliqué_Townswick
Q_Asian Elegance_Pippen
Q_Baby Patchwork_Berti
Q_Baby Quilts_Denner
Q_Back to Basics_Yamin
Q_Barbara Johannah's Crystal Piecing
Q_Basic Appliqué_Walter
Q_Basic Quiltmaking Techniques for Borders & Bindings_Dietrich
Q_Basic Quiltmaking Techniques Curved Piecing_Peters
Q_Batik Beauties_Shifrin
Q_Batik for artists and Quilters_Piper
Q_Bear's Paw_Smith
Q_Beautiful Quiltagami_Hiney
Q_Beautiful Quilts Art Deco_Dobson
Q_Bended Bias Appliqué_Poole
Q_Better H&G Great Quiltmaking All the Basics
Q_Beyond the Horizon_Hearder
Q_Big Book of Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts_Bono
Q_Big Book of Small Quilts_Hickey
Q_Big'n Easy_Hopkins
Q_Block by Block_Donaldson
Q_Blockbuster Quilts_Miller
Q_Bold Black & Beautiful Quilts_Kratovil
Q_Bonnet Girls_Scott
Q_Borders Bindings Edges_Collins
Q_Botanical Wreaths_Reinstatler
Q_Boutis & Trapunto_Coget
Q_Breit Quilts to Applique_Engelbreit
Q_Cat Quilts and Crafts_Langeman
Q_Celtic Quilting_Lawther
Q_Celtic Quilts Designs a New Look_Williams
Q_Chats en Quilts_Armstrong
Q_Choosing Quilting Designs
Q_Christmas Patchwork Projects_Seward
Q_Christmas Sampler Quilt
Q_City Streets_Stangness
Q_Color & Cloth_Penders
Q_Color Harmony for Quilts_Ringle
Q_Color Works_Menz
Q_Colorful Casual Comfy Quilts_Bolesta
Q_Colorful Quilts for Kids_Wheeler
Q_Contemporary Quilting Techniques A Modular Approach_Cairns
Q_Contemporary Quilts a Stunning Collection_Hallas
Q_Contemporary Quilts Design Surface Stitch_Meech
Q_Contemporary Quilts from Traditional Designs_Mosey
Q_Cottage Style Quilts_Hickey
Q_Country Quilts
Q_Country Quilts in a WE_Roen
Q_Courtepointes_Valli Berti
Q_Cozy Cottage Quilts
Q_Crazy Quilt Patchwork_Haywood
Q_Create with Helen Squire
Q_Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space_Hallock
Q_Creative Guide to Color & Fabric
Q_Creative Log Cabin Patchwork_Brown
Q_Creative Patchwork Practical Guide_Claxton
Q_Creative Quilting
Q_Curl-Up Quilts_Goldsmith
Q_Curves in Motion_Dales
Q_Cushions & Quilts
Q_Cut-Loose Quilts_Mullen
Q_Cutting Curves from Straight Pieces_Bowles
Q_Dazzling Stars_Parlato
Q_Dear Hannah Jane Stickle_Papadakis
Q_Design Your Own Quilts_Hopkins
Q_Designing Tessellations_Beyer
Q_Designing your Own Quilts_Soltow
Q_Designs in Patchwork_Logan
Q_Drafting & Design Simplified
Q_Drunkards Path_Murphy
Q_Dye Paint Quilt_Mori
Q_Dyeing to Quilt_Mori
Q_Easy Does it Quilts_Bonesteel
Q_Easy to Patchwork_Mostaghimi
Q_Elm Creek Quilts_Chiaverini
Q_The Encyclopedia of Quilt & Patch Techn_Guerrier
Q_English Cottage Quilts_Mostek
Q_Everyday Folk Art_Minick
Q_Fabled Flowers_Sudo
Q_Fabric Landscapes by Machine_Crone
Q_Fabric Mosaics_Beesley
Q_Fabric Painting a Simple Approach_Eckley
Q_Fabric Photo Play_Wood
Q_Fabric Shopping with Alex Anderson
Q_Fanciful Quilts Paper Piece_Vosters
Q_Fantaisies & Flowers Origami_Sudo
Q_Fantastic Fabric Folding_Wat
Q_Fantasy Fabrics_McCaffery
Q_Fast Fusible Quilts Cross-Stitch_Martin
Q_Fat Quarter Quilts_Hawley
Q_Flawless Hand Quilting
Q_Flower Pounding_Frischkorn
Q_Focus on Batiks_Smiley
Q_Folded Fabric Squares and More_Mori
Q_Folded Flowers_Sudo
Q_Folk Art Quilts_Hulbert
Q_Foundation Borders_Hall
Q_Four-Patch Blocks & Quilts_Hopkins
Q_Free Style Quilts_Carlson
Q_From Fiber to Fabric_Hargrave
Q_Full-Size Bed Quilts
Q_Fusing Fun_Wasilowski
Q_Gallery of American Quilts 1830 1991
Q_Garden Stars_Schwartz
Q_Garden View Applique_Labanaris
Q_Garden-Inspired Quilt_Davis
Q_Georgia Bonesteel Bright Ideas for Lap Quilting
Q_Georgia Bonesteel's Patchwork Potpourri
Q_Georgia Bonesteel's Quiltmaking Legacy
Q_Glorious Patchwork_Fassett
Q_Go Wild with Quilts Again_Rolfe
Q_Granny Quilt Decor_Zimmerman
Q_Great American Quilts Book 10
Q_Great American Quilts Book 4
Q_Great Little Quilts_Levie
Q_Great Patchwork Working with Triangles
Q_Guide to machine quilting
Q_Guide visuel Patchwork_Pahl
Q_Hand Quilting with Alex Anderson
Q_Handkerchief Quilts_Gardner
Q_Happy Trails_Cory
Q_Hawaiian Applique_Fleming
Q_Heirloom Machine Quilting 90_Hargrave
Q_Heirloom Miniatures_Gravatt
Q_Helen's Copy & Use Quilting Patterns_Squire
Q_Home Study Course in Quiltmaking_Spears
Q_Impressionist Quilts_Perry
Q_It's Raining Cats & Dogs_Kime
Q_Jacobean Rhapsodies_Campbell
Q_Japanese Folded Patchwork_Clark
Q_Jinny Beyer's Color Confidence for Quilters
Q_Judy Martin's Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns
Q_Just for Fun_Mumm
Q_Kaye Wood s Strip Cut Quilts
Q_Keep Quilting with Alex Anderson
Q_Keepsake Signature Quilts_Saulmon
Q_Kids Start Quilting with Alex Anderson
Q_Landscape Quilts_Zieman
Q_Lap Quilting Lives_Bonesteel
Q_Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel
Q_L'Applique_Marie Claire
Q_Laurel Burch Quilts Kindred Creatures_Burch
Q_Learn Machine Quilt_Chambers
Q_Learn Patchwork_Syme
Q_Learn to Applique with Pat Sloan
Q_Leisure Arts Great American Quilts 3
Q_Lessons in Machine Piecing_McCloskey
Q_Liberated Quiltmaking_Marston
Q_Log Cabin Rediscovered by Machine_Brayfield
Q_Machine Applique Sampler Techniques_Nickels
Q_Machine Applique_Perna
Q_Machine Quilting Decorative Threads_Noble
Q_Machine Quilting Made Easy_Noble
Q_Machine Quilting A Primer of Techniques_Nickels
Q_Magic Patch 39
Q_Magic Patch 40
Q_Magic Patch 41
Q_Magic Patch 42
Q_Magic Patch 43
Q_Magic Patch 44
Q_Magic Patch 46
Q_Magic Patch 50
Q_Magic Patch 58
Q_Magic Patch Applique creatif
Q_Magic Patch Applique relief
Q_Magic Patch Bases du celtique
Q_Magic Patch Bases du crazy
Q_Magic Patch Calendrier 2001
Q_Magic Patch Celtique
Q_Magic Patch Grands appliques
Q_Magic Patch Log cabin variation
Q_Magic Patch Paysages appliques
Q_Magic Quilted Mandalas_Finklestein
Q_Magical Four-Patch & Nine-Patch Quilts_Porcella
Q_Make Any Block Any Size_Wolfrom
Q_Make Room for Quilts_Martin
Q_Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts_Pieroni
Q_Making Antique Quilts_Weiss
Q_Making Scrap Quilts to Use It Up_Edwards
Q_Mariner's Compass Quilts New Course_Mathieson
Q_Mariner's Compass Quilts_Mathieson
Q_Marsha McCloskey's Block Party
Q_Mastering Machine Applique
Q_Medallion Quilts_Beyer
Q_Memory Quilts in the Making_Richards
Q_Merry Christmas Quilts
Q_Mile a Minute Quilts_Hultgren
Q_More Celtic Quilting_Lawther
Q_More Lap Quilting With Georgia Bonesteel
Q_More Photo Fun_Rymer
Q_More Weekend Quilts_Linsley
Q_Motifs for Crazy Quilting_Michler
Q_Nature of Design_Colvin
Q_Nature's Studio_Colvin
Q_New Patchwork & Quilting Book
Q_Off Center Patchwork_Adam
Q_Once Upon a Quilt Fairy Tales_Kaster
Q_One Block Many Quilts_Kay
Q_Our Best Seasonal Quilts
Q_Paint and Patches_Johnson
Q_Passionate Patchwork_Fassett
Q_Patchwork & Applique_Tubby
Q_Patchwork and Quilting book 1_Fassett
Q_Patchwork and Quilting book 2_Fassett
Q_Patchwork from Mosaics_Fairfield
Q_Patchwork Histoire et Techniques_Dhont
Q_Patchwork jeu de couleurs_Wolfrom
Q_Patchwork Persuasion_Wolfrom
Q_Patchwork Portfolio_Beyer
Q_Patchwork Quilting & Applique_Dobson
Q_Patchwork Quilts Made Easy_Wells
Q_Patchworks et Appliqués_Routier
Q_Patchworks et boutis_Boisseau
Q_Patchworks Utiles_Routier
Q_Pattern on Pattern_McDowell
Q_Perfecting the Quilting Stitch the ins & outs_Morris
Q_Pictorial Quilting_Gordon
Q_Picture Quilts_Masters
Q_Picture your world in appliqué_Cusack
Q_Piece by Piece_Finnegan
Q_Pieced Borders Complete resource_Martin
Q_Pieced Flowers_McDowell
Q_Pieces of the Past_Martin
Q_Pink Lemonade_Johnson
Q_Playful Patchwork Gift Idea for Children
Q_Playful Patchwork Projects_Pearson
Q_Polka-Dot Kids Quilts_Van Bockel
Q_Potting Shed Patchwork_Martin
Q_Precision Pieced Quilts Foundation_Hall
Q_Putting it all Together_Cairns
Q_QNM_364 jul aug 2004
Q_QNM_365 sep 2004
Q_QNM_366 oct 2004
Q_QNM_367 nov 2004
Q_QNM_368 dec 2004
Q_QNM_369 jan feb 2005
Q_QNM_370 mar 2005
Q_QNM_371 apr 2005
Q_QNM_372 may 2005
Q_QNM_373 jun 2005
Q_QNM_374 jul aug 2005
Q_QNM_375 sept 2005
Q_QNM_376 oct 2005
Q_QNM_377 nov 2005
Q_QNM_378 dec 2005
Q_QNM_379 jan-fev 2006
Q_QNM_380 mar 2006
Q_QNM_381 April 2006
Q_Quick & Easy Quiltmaking_Hickey
Q_Quick Country Christmas Quilts_Mumm
Q_Quick Little Quilts_Wickell
Q_Quick Method Liberty Quilts
Q_Quick Quilting_Ritter
Q_Quick Quilts_Claxton
Q_Quilt Africa_Williamson
Q_Quilt Artistry_Jinzenji
Q_Quilt Block Bonanza_Mahoney
Q_Quilt Engagement Calendar_Nelson
Q_Quilt it for Kids
Q_Quilt Projects by Machine_Singer
Q_Quilt Savvy Simple Thread Painting_Prince
Q_Quilt Sensations_Streicker
Q_Quilted Animals_Amundson
Q_Quilted Bags in a WE_Kharade
Q_Quilted for Christmas_White
Q_Quilted Havens_Purney
Q_Quilters Companion_Dietrich
Q_Quilter's Complete Guide_Fons
Q_Quilters Guide Rotary_Poster
Q_Quilting and Color Made Easy_McKelvey
Q_Quilting Arts_15 Fall 2004
Q_Quilting Arts_17 Spring 2005
Q_Quilting Arts_18 Summer 2005
Q_Quilting Arts_19 fall 2005
Q_Quilting Arts_20 Winter 2005
Q_Quilting Curves Innovative Technique_Pignatelli
Q_Quilting from the Heartland_Jorgenson
Q_Quilting Made Easy Foundation_Davis
Q_The Classic American Quilting Made Easy_Soltys
Q_Quilting Makes the Quilt_Cleland
Q_Quilt-Lovers' Favorites
Q_Quilt-Lovers' Favorites Volume 2
Q_Quiltmaking Tips and Techniques_Townswick
Q_Quiltmania 52
Q_Quiltmania n°10
Q_Quilts and Quilting Creative Guide_Delport
Q_Quilts and Quilting from Threads
Q_Quilts for Guys_Rymer
Q_Quilts from Europe_Laporte
Q_Quilts from The Quiltmakers Gift_Line
Q_Quilts Galore_McClun
Q_Quilts in Bloom_Haslam
Q_Quilts of Thimble Creek
Q_Quilts Quilts and More Quilts_McClun
Q_Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!_McClun
Q_Quilts with a view_Labanaris
Q_Quilts without Corners_Phillips
Q_Quiltworks across Canada_Hunt
Q_Rags to Rainbows_Innes
Q_Raise the Roof_White
Q_Razzle Dazzle Quilts_Hooworth
Q_Return to Elm Creek_Chiaverini
Q_Reversible Quilts_Pederson
Q_Romantic Applique_Overton
Q_Rotary Heirloom Quilts_Daniel
Q_Rotary Magic_Johnson
Q_Sashiko Quilting_Ota
Q_Sashiko, Easy and Elegant_Parker
Q_Save the Scraps_Bong
Q_Schoolhouse Applique_Patera
Q_Schoolhouse Quilts_Soltys
Q_Scrap Quilt Celebration_Bolesta
Q_Scrap Quilts and How to Make Them_Florence
Q_Scrap Quilts Art of Making Do_Horton
Q_Scrap Quilts Fast and Fun_Wilens
Q_Scraps Organized to Perfection_Jones
Q_Sensational Sashiko_Pederson
Q_Sensational Sets & Borders
Q_Setting Up Your Sewing Space_Giesbrecht
Q_Sew Crazy with Decorative Threads & Stitches_Kolb
Q_Sewing in Circles_Horras
Q_Sewing Terrific Totes & Carryalls_Parks
Q_Silk Quilts_Koning Stapel
Q_Simple Fabric Folding for Christmas_Aneloski
Q_Simply Stars_Anderson
Q_Small Quilts
Q_Small Quilts for Framing_Morton
Q_Small Quilts Vintage Charm_Morton
Q_Small Wall Quilts
Q_Smashing Sets_Miller
Q_Snippet Sensations_Walter
Q_Southwest by Southwest_Olsen
Q_Spectacular Scraps_Hooworth
Q_Stack n Whackier Quilts_Reynolds
Q_Stained Glass Applique_Brayfield
Q_Stars a la Carte_Reynolds
Q_Start Quilting with Alex Anderson
Q_Start to Quilt
Q_Stellar Journeys_Garber
Q_String Quilts with Style_Aug
Q_Sumptuous Patchwork_Donaldson
Q_Surface Applique for Quilting_Cottrell
Q_Teach Yourself Blocks from Past_Henry
Q_Teach Yourself Machine Piecing & Quilting_Wagner
Q_Template-Free Quiltmaking_Hughes
Q_That Perfect Stitch_McElroy
Q_The Absolute Beginners Guide to patchwork, quilting and appliqué_Hammond
Q_The Amish Quilt_Granick
Q_The Art and Craft of Applique_Bawden
Q_The Art of Classic Quiltmaking_Hargrave
Q_The Art Quilt_Shaw
Q_The Big Book of Quilting_Farkas
Q_The Careless Quilter_Miller
Q_The Classic American Quilt Collection Stars
Q_The Classic Quilt Collection Amish_Bolesta
Q_The Classic Quilting of Sashiko
Q_The Complete Book of Crazy Patchwork_Conroy
Q_The Complete Quilting Course_Lawther
Q_The Crazy Quilt Handbook_Montano
Q_The Embroidery of Boutis_Nicolle
Q_The Essential Guide Practically Perfect Patch_Harer
Q_The Essential Quilter_Chainey
Q_The Everything Quilting Book_Detrixhe
Q_The Fabric Lover's Scrapbook_Dittman
Q_The Fabric makes the Quilt_Horton
Q_The Joy of Quilting_Swim
Q_The New Quilting & Patchwork Dictionary_Goldberg
Q_The Photo Transfert Handbook_Laury
Q_The Quilt Encyclopedia Illustrated_Houck
Q_The Quilted Year
Q_The Quilter_110 March 2006
Q_The Quilter's Block Bible_Eddy
Q_The Quilting Bible
Q_The Quilting sourcebook_McCormick Gordon
Q_The Simple Joys of Quilting_Hanson
Q_The Thimbleberries Guide for WE Quilters_Jensen
Q_The Visual Dance_Wolfrom
Q_The Weekend Quilter Fabulous Quilts
Q_Thread Magic_Eddy
Q_Tifaifai and Quilts of Polynesia_Hammond
Q_Transpatch Log cabin_Leblanc
Q_Trapunto by Machine_Walner
Q_Treasury of Applique Quilt_Malone
Q_Tried and True_Bonsib
Q_Victorian Patchwork_Parker
Q_Visions QuiltArt_Rogers
Q_Vogue & Butterick s Craft Projects
Q_Watercolor Quilts_Magaret
Q_Wedding Ring Quilts_Soltys
Q_Wine Country Quilts_Rymer
Q_Winning Quilts_Weiss
Q_Winter Wonders_Rounds
Q_Wonderful Baby Quilts_Richards
Q_Wonderfully Whimsical Quilts_Burniston
Q_Your First Quilt Book_Doak

Tricot / Knitting

Tricot_Just Hats_Lion Brand Yarn


Two-Hour Applique_Allen



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