Un essai de feather (plume), à la machine / Free-motion test

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Il est toujours utile de s'éxercer un peu sur un brouillon avant de se lancer sur le "vrai"... ! It is always good to make a test before quilting "for real"!

J'ai mis une aiguille 80, un fil 60, recouvert les feed dogs avec la petite plaque, changé le pied normal de la machine à coudre par un darning foot, et hop c'est parti ! I put a needle 80/12, a thread 60/2, cover the feed dogs with the throat, replace the regular sewing foot by a darning foot, and hop, let's go!

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QuiltShopGal 23/01/2015 06:38

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing in the weekly #CreativeGoodness Linky Parties. Great project to share creativity and inspiration.


mamie youyou 18/01/2015 11:09

Je suis un peu novice mais jai eu en cadeau une très belle machine à broder, à coudre etc.....c'est une pfaff mais je voudrais savoir si ton quilting en forme de coeur tu l'as dessiné ou il est inclus dans un programme de quilting dans ta machine, je trouve cela très beau mais n'ose tjrs pas me lancer lol - merci de me répondre cela m'aiguillera un petit peu plus - bon dimanche

alena 19/04/2006 07:33

your quilting is really impressive, what an artist, this I still did not dare to try on my machine... I thought you can do this just on a long-arm...
thank you for leaving comment on my blog... I checked out your web-site and apart from finding there loads of useful information for my quilting, I was really taken aback by your travelling and sewing on the boat - I gues I would be really scared to sail such a big distances, an open see is something I do not really trust... lack of experience, I guess, living in a country without sea made me this way - I love the
 sea, but from the shore or a beach...
I enjoyed a while on your website and I will certainly come back - thank you for sharing your life...