Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2

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- Ce concours est maintenant terminé -
- This giveaway is now closed -

A bientôt pour le prochain !
Stay tuned for the next one!

Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2

Suite des cadeaux pour le 10ème anniversaire de mon blog ! 💕
Another two presents for my 10th Blog Anniversary!  💕

Admirez ces superbes 🎁 bobines de fils coton 50 wt 🎁 
offertes par Aurifil !
Take a look at these beautiful 
🎁 spools cotton 50wt 🎁 from Aurifil!

Gleeful Collection by Carolina Hulse - 10 small spools cotton 50wt - Colors included: 2780 – 2805 – 2021 – 2600 – 2630 – 2860 – 1147 – 1135 – 2405 – 2588Gleeful Collection by Carolina Hulse - 10 small spools cotton 50wt - Colors included: 2780 – 2805 – 2021 – 2600 – 2630 – 2860 – 1147 – 1135 – 2405 – 2588

Gleeful Collection by Carolina Hulse - 10 small spools cotton 50wt - Colors included: 2780 – 2805 – 2021 – 2600 – 2630 – 2860 – 1147 – 1135 – 2405 – 2588

Un fil parfait pour piécer et appliquer à la main ; et pour piécer, appliquer et quilter à la machine.
Ideal for all types of hand applique, a great weight for hand piecing, great results on machine applique, embroidery, piecing and quilting.


Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2

On ne présente plus Aurifil, qui a des fils toutes épaisseurs, de la broderie au quilting. Prenez le temps de visiter leur différents types de fils, et les collections des designers.
Famous Aurifil threads are versatile enought to work well for embroidery to quilting. Visit their website, threads types and designer collections.

Et ce n'est pas tout !
But wait!

On continue avec 🎁 un bon d'achat de 25 $  🎁 offert par Fat Quarter Shop à un autre gagnant !
Let's continue with 
🎁 a $25 gift certificate 🎁 from Fat Quarter Shop to another winner!


Cadeaux ! / Giveaway #2

Regardez leurs nouveautés, de superbes tissus ! En voici quelques uns que j'aime beaucoup :
Fat Quarter Shop has everything you could ever want! They always have amazing deals. Take a look at some of their new fabrics:

Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2

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How to win?

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Ce jeu est ouvert à tous, jusqu'au dimanche 24 janvier, minuit.
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❤ Bonne chance, et merci à vous tous ! 


International entries welcome! Giveaway ends at midnight, Sunday, January 24th.
Two winners will be randomly choose, please check back!

Good luck, and thank you all! 

Cadeaux pour vous ! / Giveaway #2

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Les3sardines 26/01/2016 22:25

J'adore les patchworks colorés. Le turquoise est superbe.

Stephanie Liske 24/01/2016 19:52

I like reds that are like Wine colors... I couldn't find on the site where to see the colors.

susan smoaks 24/01/2016 17:29

happy anniversary! my favorite thread color is the 2730 Sapphire

Cynthia C 24/01/2016 11:52

For quilting I like a neutral shade that blends in nicely with many fabrics.

Leif E 24/01/2016 06:07

My mother loves quilting! I'll have to refer her to here for her fabric needs.

Leslie Davis 24/01/2016 00:22

Love bright colors

Denise 23/01/2016 17:48

Just started using Aurifil in neutrals for piecing. Love the reduced lint! Would love to try other colours for applique.

annik lang wennhack 22/01/2016 14:34

Un grand bravo pour les 10 ans de votre blog. J'y trouve souvent mon bonheur. @nnik

josy15 22/01/2016 11:10

des fils aurifil j'adore ! bises

Chris 22/01/2016 08:56

I love Aurifil thread. I use a lot of grey and black or light beige. 50 wt of course

Pamela 22/01/2016 07:22

Aurifil thread is my favorite! I seem to be using a lot of pink lately!

marjolaine 22/01/2016 06:11

le turquoise mais ils sont tous beaux

Lisa Marie 22/01/2016 03:37

2730 Sapphire is beautiful!

LINDA 21/01/2016 21:18


bernadette 21/01/2016 20:34

joli cadeau ma couleur preferee est le bleunj'espere gagner

Crazypatch 21/01/2016 20:33

J'avais déjà oublié qu'on pouvait venir tous les jours...

Pam 19/01/2016 01:47

Happy 10th anniversary! I love Aurifil, especially the gray, which I use for piecing.

Pauline 17/01/2016 01:24

I use various shades of Aurifil grey for my piecing and some quilting - love their thread because it has a lot less lint - if any!! I would like to try their embroidery floss.

Jacqueline VH 16/01/2016 20:55

Hi there Frederique,
I love the Aurifil colour called Butter(sorry, I can't remember the colour #, it's a very pale yellow). It seems to go well with a lot of the projects I sew!
Quilty Huggs,

Afton 14/01/2016 18:43

I love light gray for piecing.

auschick 14/01/2016 04:46

love FQS! they have great fabric :)

anna brown 14/01/2016 00:26

i like a nice grey it great for sewing up my quilts.....

QuiltShopGal 13/01/2016 18:16

Happy 10th Anniversary. What a fun way to celebrate.


Dawn Jones 13/01/2016 07:49

I like the Aurifil Earthy Tones. Happy Anniversary, thank you for the chance to win. Have a great day.

Pam 13/01/2016 06:28

Happy anniversay, and thanks for the chance to win!

Quiltbabe 12/01/2016 16:11

I love Aurifil, and adore jewel tones.

Rebecca H 12/01/2016 04:47

Oh Happy New Year, Oh Happy New Fabric. Thank you

Robyn Jones 12/01/2016 03:44

Happy 10th Anniversary. I love bright jewel tone colors.

Rachel 11/01/2016 22:55

I like the variegated varieties, like Graphite and Tramonto a Zoagli.

careli tutolibre 11/01/2016 22:27

jolis cadeaux, mais en ce moment je manie plus la scie et la perceuse que la MAC mdrr
bonne participation à toutes

Nancy Hilderbrand 11/01/2016 22:07

My favorite color of thread is gold

Nigeon 11/01/2016 21:38

Aurifil quilting thread taupe is the best ! Love this blog !

Mara 11/01/2016 21:13

Beautiful Giveaway, Love Aurifil!

Summer 11/01/2016 17:44

Beautiful thread and I love the FQS, too!

Pink 11/01/2016 11:44

Thanks for the chance to win I love your blog!

sop.hie.s 11/01/2016 09:52

I love vibrant colours and that is something Aurifil is really good at. So any red, green, blue or yellow would do for me :-) I have already noticed that red is great as a blend-in thread but can also be used to give that little extra something when used as contrast thread. So if I need to choose it will be 2230.

Jane T 11/01/2016 02:41

I like using white or eggshell as it goes with most all of the colors of fabric I use.

Diane Beavers 11/01/2016 02:34

a Yellow beige is my favorite shade to use for piecing lighter colors. Thank you so much.

Kathy E. 11/01/2016 02:25

An ecru or off-white seems to be what I sew most often with. It coordinates happily with most of my fabrics.

Vicki H 11/01/2016 01:57

I use neutral colors to piece with.

Sally Ann 10/01/2016 22:35

Love this thread...gorgeous colors! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jen B 10/01/2016 21:51

My favourites are light grey for piecing and cream for quilting - they both go with everything.

Susan 10/01/2016 21:10

Love Aurifil thread. Thank you for the chance to win.

Susan 10/01/2016 21:10

Love Aurifil thread. Thank you for the chance to win.

Greta 10/01/2016 20:29

Grey because it goes with everything!

carol n 10/01/2016 19:09

I love Aurifil thread, thanks for the chance to win.

Alice B 10/01/2016 18:34

My favorite Aurifil color is Dove. I use it for piecing everything except very dark colors.

Brenda 10/01/2016 18:33

Such lovely colors. I usually use a cream or light grey to piece, but am starting to use more color in quilting and embellishing. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and may you have many more. And thanks for the giveaway.

Teresa 10/01/2016 18:26

Your blog is very nice.

Marie Christine 10/01/2016 18:01

chouettes cadeaux...