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I'm so happy to join the Best of 2015 Linky Party! So fun to look back at this year's posts and select 5 of them, posts with the most views, or with the most comments, or simply favorite.

And because this is first to be in an English speaking party, I will start my post in English, then French (as I'm French, I usually write first in my language, and then in English for my over-the-seas blogging friends, hopping not writing too many mistakes...)

Avec la fin de l'année, voici venue l'heure des bilans, et je profite de la Linky Party de Cheryl pour faire un top 5 des articles 2015 de mon blog.

Best of 2015

Ok, let's go:

Well, this is not really a 2015 post, as it was originally posted in 2006, but I rewrote it and it seems like this is the most viewed post EVER! Here is my tutorial about paper foundation piecing:

Ce n'est pas vraiment un article de 2015, puisqu'écrit en 2006, mais je l'ai revu et corrigé, et il semble que ce soit l'article le plus lu, encore et toujours ! Voici mon tuto pour la couture sur papier.

Of course this is one of my giveaways, with 240 comments I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Especially Chris and Lindsay, my happy winners ;-)

Gagnants / And the winners are...

Sans surprise c'est l'article au sujet d'un de mes jeux-concours, avec 240 commentaires je suis très contente que vous l'ayiez apprécié ! Surtout Chris et Lindsay, mes heureuses gagnantes ;-)

  • The post that is the most sad (le plus triste)

Actually, they are two very sad posts, as France was attaqued twice this year:
in January, then in November

Peace for Paris, dessin de Jean Julllien

En fait il y a 2 articles tristes, puisque la France a été frappée 2 fois par des attentats, en janvier, puis en novembre.

My blog is ten years old! Yeahhhh!! Happy blog anniversary to me ;-)

Les 10 ans / Ten years old

Mon blog a 10 ans ! Youpiiii ! Joyeux anniversaire ;-)

My WIP is about trees, lot of trees! With a quite busy life I had no time to finish this quilt before the end of the year, but I want to achieve it before starting a new one!

WIP Arbres / Trees

Mon en-cours est un patchwork avec des arbres, beaucoup d'arbres ! Un peu trop occupée pour le terminer avant la fin de l'année, mais je veux le finir avant d'en commencer un autre !

And what about you? I would love to read about YOUR top five posts of 2015! See you at Meadow Mist designs' Best of 2015!

Et vous ? Quels sont VOS 5 articles préférés ?

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Renee 29/12/2015 14:46

Those trees look like such fun to make! I like that you balanced the sad with the happy.

Frédérique 29/12/2015 15:43

Thanks for visiting Renee!

Lynn 29/12/2015 14:15

I like your picks and your trees. Have fun with your trees. Have a very Happy New Year.

Frédérique 29/12/2015 15:42

Thank you Lynn, Happy New Year too!

Małgorzata 29/12/2015 11:58

Your blog is beautiful. Ten years! Congratulations :)
My blog is the beginning, the first year ...
Best regards :)

Frédérique 29/12/2015 12:51

Thank you Gosia ;-)

Froufrous 29/12/2015 09:12

I just love your WIP with these so unexpected trees ! Wonderful forest indeed. J'adoore et attends la suite avec impatience.

Frédérique 29/12/2015 10:04

Thanks, and so sweet to visit!! A bientôt ;-)

Laney 29/12/2015 03:19

I enjoyed how you chose your 5 posts. Love your trees!! I took french all through high school and college so I enjoyed reading the french first to see if I still remember it! ;)

Frédérique 29/12/2015 08:21

Thanks Laney! So, is your French still good?

Cheryl 29/12/2015 02:51

Great collection of posts, I love your trees! Thanks for linking up!

Frédérique 29/12/2015 08:19

Thanks Cheryl for hosting this fun party!

Lisa 28/12/2015 23:12

Your posts are very interesting, and I like the criteria for picking them. Happy New Year from me as well .

Frédérique 28/12/2015 23:33

Thank you Lisa, and Happy New Year too!

Jayne 28/12/2015 21:18

Totally love those trees! Putting them on my list for next year! Happy New Year to you and many more years of quilting and blogging!

Frédérique 28/12/2015 22:05

Thank you Jayne ;-)

Kate 28/12/2015 20:24

A wide range of interesting posts. Congrats on 10 years of blogging. Hope you 2016 has less sorrow and much more joy.

Frédérique 28/12/2015 20:48

Thank you Kate! Love your selection!

Myricoud 28/12/2015 17:48

C'est un bien joli blog très attractif . Bonne continuation

Frédérique 28/12/2015 19:13

Merci ! Bisous

Myricoud 28/12/2015 17:48

C'est un bien joli blog très attractif . Bonne continuation

Myricoud 28/12/2015 17:48

C'est un bien joli blog très attractif . Bonne continuation

Laurel 28/12/2015 17:30

I just love the WIP with the trees! So cute! Your English is great, by the way! :)

Frédérique 28/12/2015 19:13

Thank you Laurel ;-)